Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First Kiss

As I was driving home from the store this afternoon in what felt like million degree heat, I heard again a song sung by Darius Rucker (can one REALLY listen to anything but Country music in the car when it's so hot outside?) and was struck by on the lines in the chorus:

This could be one of those memories
We want to hold on to, cling to,
one we can’t forget
Baby, this could be our last first kiss
The door to forever
What if this was that moment
That chance worth taking
History in the making

Since my anniversary is tomorrow (three years, yay!), I was reminded of my own first kiss.  The one on my wedding day.  Not my first kiss as a bride, my "first kiss first kiss."  

The decision to save my first kiss for my wedding day was rooted in a respect for my parents' wishes and then blossomed into something that I wanted for myself.  I guess you could say that it was both a family and a personal choice.  While I would never judge anyone for not saving their first kiss--although I hope with all my heart that my own children will honor my wish for them to wait--it is something that I thoroughly appreciate for myself and for which I am so very thankful.

My husband knows that I have only ever kissed one man.  Him.  That's pretty special.  Coupled with purity, it was probably one of the most sacred wedding gifts that I could have ever given him.  Despite being difficult to manage (especially when we were engaged), it is something that I have never regretted.  I will always remember exactly when and where I received my first kiss.  For me, there was no "last first kiss," only a first kiss that signified everything that we vowed before God and man.

Happy Anniversary, Patrick!