It seems that I always wanted to be a wife and mother.  Yes, I had dreams of being a chef (LOVE cooking), a surgeon (EXPERT splinter-remover), an Olympic figure skater or gymnast (either would do . . . I love both, my body just isn't coordinated enough), and a concert pianist, but when it came down to it, wife and mother was always the first goal.  The other things were for "just in case" that didn't happen right away.  

As it went, that did happen pretty much right away for me.  In looking toward the future, I still got a B.S. in Music to put in my back pocket for a rainy day.  Now, it seems like most of my dreams have been fulfilled.  I am the queen of my own kitchen, I still remove splinters and now I have been upgraded to changing bedpans (aka diapers) and dispensing medicine ("Honey, get me the NyQuil), I get to watch the Olympics on TV, practice my music in front of a live, captive audience (Natalie is literally strapped into her jumper), and  . . . wind down with my husband and daughter every night.

I have the most loving husband, two beautiful daughters (one in my arms and one with Jesus), and a Savior who is ever drawing me closer to Himself.