Monday, September 10, 2012


Have you ever said the words "I will be praying for you" to someone and then felt like it was a shallow offer?  Something that anyone could do . . . and that you could be doing more?  I know I have.

However, I have recently come to the realization that those very words "I am praying for you" are actually a vast blessing.  Something so simple yet so wonderful.   When spoken in sincerity and love by one who loves God, the words are a promise to lift that other person before the throne of Almighty God, to pray for his or her comfort in a time of need or want.

I have had a few health issues in the last month, along with the stresses that come with a very busy schedule AND trying to get a home ready to sell, and I have had friends who, upon hearing these things, have promised to pray for me . . . and then who have followed-up with me to let me know that their prayers in my behalf are continuing.  Words cannot describe how uplifting this has been for me, and the knowledge that people care enough to pray for me and are actually doing it has been a balm for my soul.  To me, that is amazing love.

Nevermore be tempted to think that prayer is a paltry offering to one in need.  True, anyone can offer to pray, but who has ever complained of having too many people praying for them?  Continue to bless your friends by bringing them before the Throne of Grace.  It shows your love and lets the love of Christ shine through brightly.