Thursday, July 11, 2013

Two things struck me today: the thought that life without Christ terrifies me above all else and the awesome responsibility that I have to teach this to my children.

While praying for a friend who lost her baby this past week, the memories of the stark agony of my own loss flooded into my mind.  There is not a day gone by when I do not miss my little girl.  In fact, I almost broke down in tears just last week when introduced to a babe who was the same age my daughter would have been had she lived.  The one thing that stood out among the pain was the memory of God's love and peace surrounding me throughout that horrible experience.  It hit me: how does one survive such a grievous event without that comfort and security?  Without the knowledge that the King of Kings is holding you up in the palm of his hand, that He will never let you go?

It cemented once again the fact that I would sooner die than live without Jesus.  When all else and everyone else fails, He is always here.  He always will be. 

With these realizations came the sense of amazing responsibility that God has entrusted little lives to me.  It is my job to teach them that, though I may and will let them down, Jesus never will, that He is always there--in the best of times and the worst--that He is the ONLY one in life of whom we can forever be certain.  Every day I pray that God would cause my sweet babies to love Him all of their days, that He would draw them to Himself and hold them all of their days.

Raising little ones in the fear and admonition of the Lord is not easy.  It's scary.  All that is going on in the world terrifies me.  Through it all, though, I cling to the promises of our Lord.  For me and my children, He has promised to be God.  He always has been, and He always will be.

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a.friend said...

We had a terrible trajedy on one of our local lakes this last weekend. Three young children, all from the same family, were laughing and playing as they were being towed by their father's boat through the water on a tube. Their mother was watching from the shore when suddely another boat, not seeing the children, ran right over them. An eleven year old boy and his six year old sister were killed. A 10 year old sister is in critical condition. The parents and the whole community are in shock. How will these dear parents handle this if they don't know Jesus? I cannot imagin their despair. Please keep writing your words of hope filled with His love. This broken world needs to hear them.